Silent Bay

Additional Information

In this delightful painting, the young girl in her kayak glides effortlessly through the still waters of Silent Bay, surrounded by the scent of fresh pine and water grass. The warm rays of the sun envelop her, making her feel alive and vibrant, while the occasional cool splash of water adds to the refreshing experience. The vibrant blue-green water, reflecting the clear blue sky above, provides a beautiful contrast to the lush green pine trees that create a sense of shelter and intimacy. The girl paddles her kayak soundlessly, careful not to disturb the nearby waterbirds, as she takes in the serene ambiance of her natural surroundings.

Painted by Pamela Hallock from the 2018 Collection. This print is available as a giclee, a digitally reproduced fine art print on watercolor paper called Somerset Velvet. All giclee prints are a limited edition of 250, signed, numbered, and dated. Giclee prints have a 1/2 in. border on the sides and top, and a 2 in. border on the bottom. Fine art prints are shipped flat.


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