The Edge of Knowing

Additional Information

In this series, I continue to use layers of marks, collage, images, and acrylic paint on birch panel and canvas.<br /><br />
These small paintings on birch panel are finished with a painted edge and natural wood which look great by themselves or in a floater frame. These are being offered unframed.<br />
My inspiration is vibrant and unlimited, from natural elements, my experiences, the cosmos, my dreams, my musings about reality and non-reality, all while on my journey to greater spiritual growth and connection. <br /><br />
I incorporate many layers of marks, paint, mediums, and collage as the canvas becomes a multilayered surface that speaks to both the visual and the intuitive senses. My mixed-media works speak from an otherworld and subconscious place. A world that is all about moving toward a place of stillness…


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