The Swing Bridge with fresh snow

Additional Information

Winter 2021/22, Georgian Bay, ON

The Swing Bridge spans a narrow channel from Parry Sound onto Parry Island, home of the Wasausking First Nation and the second largest island of Georgian Bays 30,000 (Manitoulin Island is the largest). The bridge was built over 150 years ago and is still operational today. The bridge is one of my favourite subjects and I took this photo in the dead of winter with the ice closing in on the open water due to minimal water flow. It was early morning in very calm conditions and the fresh snow provides a vivid contrast against the black waters beneath. If you zoom in on the lower area of the bridge you can see a custodian in bright orange starting the daily safety check.

Print only. Unframed.

Limited edition of 30 prints (print only. unframed.). #1-10 are $400. #11-20 are $500, #21-29 are $700. Percentage of sales donated to the Parry Sound Hospital (5%/6%/10%). Also available in HD metal and Acrylic face mount for an additional cost.


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