The Marina Freezes

Additional Information

I took this photo of a marina just before winter freeze up with the last few contractor boats pushing the limits of weather and human capability. The calm waters inside the marina docks are one of the first places to freeze while the open water around the islands takes much longer as its moved constantly by the wind. The contractors have to physically smash through the thin ice around their boats in the morning so they can get out of the marina to work then they watch the weather forecast closely wondering if they can risk their boat freezing in solid at the dock overnight so they can work another day.

Black and White. Print only.

Limited edition of 30 prints (print only. unframed.). #1-10 are $300. 11-20 are $400, 21-29 are $600. Percentage of profits donated to the Parry Sound Hospital (5%/6%/10%). Also available in HD metal and Acrylic face mount for an additional cost.


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