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Ojibway Club Art Show

Last boat

Additional Information

Fall 2021, Georgian Bay, Ontario. Print only, NO frame. Also available in different sizes.

The last boat in the water at the end of the season makes its final trip to the marina before winter freezes the lake solid. It took Rick two hours to break a 3.5km channel through the 2 inches of clear ice that had formed overnight so he could take a family member off his island. Rick lives year round on one of Georgian Bay's 30,000 islands and has no road access at all. Almost uniquely he leaves his boat in all winter as his location in a very narrow channel with its constantly moving water flow keeps the winter ice thin. This means he is literally the last boat in the water after all the others have been hauled out for the winter. I live close to the marina and by chance launched my drone as he approached the marina so I raced over and managed to get three or four photos before he docked the boat. Sometimes you just need a bit of luck!
This photo also highlights humans incredible ability to adapt and thrive in extreme environments


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