Fall freeze #4

Additional Information

Fall 2021, Georgian Bay, ON

Every year the eastern shore of Georgian Bay freezes over. It's a slow process as temperatures go up and down and the wind moves the water trying to prevent the ice taking hold. Even when solid ice forms it's still patchy and small areas stay open for no apparent reason. The ice is fixed in place but lake levels go up and down with the wind forcing water up through cracks and holes in the ice and soaking into the snow that sits on top. The two big holes in this photo didn't freeze for almost 2 weeks while solid ice formed around them, I have no idea why. Looking at the marine charts the water in the area is uniformly deep with no rock outcrops that might force current to the surface. If you look closely you can see animal tracks crisscrossing the ice.

Black and White. Print only. Unframed

Limited edition of 30 prints. #1-10 are $400. #11-20 are $500, #21-29 are $700. Percentage of sales donated to the Parry Sound Hospital (5%/6%/10%). Also available in HD metal and Acrylic face mount for an additional cost.


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