Ojibway Club Art Show 2024

Temple Book 1

Additional Information

This accordion book is literally and figuratively an unfolding of me….a huge departure of my work and I love it. It is an oriental accordion book made of rice paper bought at an art store in Nice, France.

Many years of inspiration have been percolating and finally bubbled to the surface to produce this piece.

First was the Japanese Temple book I started when I went to visit my son who was living in Japan. I went to see many Temples. One buys an accordion book and presents it at each Temple one visits where they stamp it and use pen and ink calligraphy to honour the visit to that Temple.
The second inspiration came from a fellow artist while on a painting trip to Nova Scotia where she showed us how to make books and do collage. The third was another artist recommending a workshop to me that emphasized work with collage and mixed media. The fourth was spending a winter "away from it all" in the South of France where I allowed myself the time and the grace to embrace all of what I had learned to come up with this book. Rice paper is very unforgiving but that is all part of the experience. This book is filled with courage and collage – everything from some of my "to do" lists to nautical charts of Georgian Bay. I also found a poem written by William Sangster in the 19th century and his words flow through the book. I love adding words and writing to artwork. I have varnished the pages to help protect them.
It can be folded up and displayed on a table. It can be enjoyed two of the 26 pages at a time – it can be a part of a table scape or on a mantelpiece – nestled amongst treasures of Georgian Bay life. It can sit on a table beside a comfy chair, it can be hung along a wall horizontally or for those who want to go out of the box it can be hung vertically – I saw books hung like that at an art show I went to in Genoa, Italy. This beautiful book can find a home in a small nook, on top of a table or stretch out to over 10′! It can be whatever you want. Artwork. A conversation piece. A piece for contemplation, a banner to celebrate this Georgian Bay….when closed it is tied with a leather cord.


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