Ojibway Club Art Show 2024

Shadow work

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In the dance of life, where shadows blend with light,
There exists a truth woven tight,
Force, a tempestuous tide, relentless and wild,
Defies the hands that seek to mend,
Where scars of conflict find no end.

For force, an echo of thunderous might,
Carves its mark, a deep-seated plight,
In hearts worn weary by its harsh embrace,
Echoes linger, pain leaves no trace,
A wound unseen, yet eternally bound,
In the fabric of being, silent sound.

Yet in the quiet of night's tender hold,
Hope flickers, a flame, fragile and bold,
Whispers of solace, gentle and true,
Echoing softly, "heal, you must do."

Not with force, but with grace,
Threads of empathy softly trace,
The contours of wounds, unseen yet felt,
Healing begins where force may melt.

For force may shatter, break the soul,
But kindness, a balm, makes hearts whole,
In the stillness where forgiveness reigns,
Force surrenders, healing claims.

So amidst the storm, where forces clash,
Let empathy and love be the compass, the sash,
Binding wounds with threads of light,
For healing blooms where force takes flight.

Photo will be printed on Hahnemuhle Rag paper
Available without frame


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