Ojibway Club Art Show 2024


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Time, that elusive mistress, both gift and thief,
An ever-flowing river, swift and deep,
In its gentle currents, memories drift and weave,
Yet its relentless tide, our secrets it will keep.

Moments, like fragile whispers in the wind,
Slip through our fingers, ephemeral and fleet,
We grasp at shadows, yearning to rescind,
Yet time, the silent witness, will not retreat.

For in its boundless expanse, we find our dreams,
Yet also feel its weight, a burden to bear,
In the tapestry of life, its thread gleams,
An eternal reminder, of all we hold dear.

So cherish each heartbeat, each fleeting sigh,
For time, both finite and infinite, does bind,
In its embrace, we laugh, we love, we cry,
For time is everything we have, and yet, don't find.


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