Ojibway Club Art Show 2024

Forrest veil

Additional Information

In the whisper of dawn's soft embrace,
The forest dons a veil of grace.
Morning mist kisses leaves so light,
Jewels of dewdrops in the gentle light.

Sunlight dances through the trees,
Golden beams in the tender breeze.
Trees stand tall, with secrets old,
Stories in their bark, wisdom bold.

Beneath the boughs, where shadows play,
Wildflowers bloom in a bright array.
Birds weave songs in the morning air,
Melodies pure, beyond compare.

The forest breathes a sacred hush,
A symphony in nature's brush.
A veil of beauty, delicate and grand,
Cloaks the forest, by nature's hand.

In this haven, hearts find peace,
In rustling leaves, in the breeze.
Walk with me, find your smile,
In the forest's grace, stay awhile.


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