The show is now closed. Thank you for your support! Check back here for the 2024 Ojibway Club Art Show.

Ojibway Club Art Show

Chickens on the dock of the bay (8″x10″)

Additional Information

A couple of chickens enjoying happy hour on the dock. Cheers!

Acrylic on canvas. Deep gallery wrapped canvas frame.

This year’s theme is chickens on the bay! Now I know what you’re thinking, why chickens? Chickens are farm animals, not Georgian Bay birds. They don’t drive boats or drink margaritas. What’s going on here?

The simple truth is I love humanizing animals because it’s funny, cute and almost relatable to see them doing your favourite activities. Chickens have an inherent goofiness to them with their plump bodies and spindly legs. And roosters have an excellent colour palette.

The chickens had a great season on the ski slopes this year (see my Instagram) so I’m bringing them to Georgian Bay!


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