Georgian Bay Island Spring

Additional Information

Wet felt, needle felt, handspun wool, silk, bamboo, handstitched on felt background
Georgian Bay felt Islands are imagined islands from childhood memories exploring the Archipelago by sailboat with my family. Each new arrival at an island in the Bay delivered a new adventure. A pond on the island revealed beautiful water lily's, a bright green frog on a lily pad leaf, a water snake skimming the surface. As a child I was struck by the beauty of these islands and what we might discover on our explorations. I was the heroine of the novels I poured over as a kid, living off the land, playing in the water, island hopping from one to the next. These are the magical memories of my childhood self, perfect and breathtaking. My father, a forester and a teacher navigated the Bay by charts. The memory of the charts inspired my felt hangings, memories of them rolled up in the boat, or spread out on the walls of my great Uncle's cottage amongst the pennants and tea towel collection of my great Aunt's travels. I would stare at them for hours. My felt islands are alternative landscapes, maps, charts, memories and cottage bric a brac all in one.


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