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Ojibway Club Art Show

You Are a Child of the Universe

Additional Information

This is one of 3 smudge boxes that I will have at the Marketplace. These pieces were specifically designed for smudge is which is used in a cleansing ritual when entering a sweat lodge. Smudge, consisting of dried herbs and plants, is normally burned to create a purification smoke. It can be quite expensive. These boxes have lids which when placed on the box causes the smudge to go out thus preserving the smudge for a future ceremony. The lid always fits snugly as the wood is fashioned in such a way as to allow it to expand and contract uniformly.


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This item is not for sale online, only at the live Marketplace event at the Ojibway Club August 11 (5-7 pm), August 12 (10 am-4 pm).