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Ojibway Club Art Show

The Land of Painted Waters

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My exploration in epoxy and wood moved, in 2021, from using epoxy to fill in the gaps in wood that would otherwise be almost impossible to put on the lathe to using the epoxy as a partner. For example, I made bowls and platters with clear or blue epoxy bases. This raised the pieces off the surface and allowed light to pass beneath them.

Late that year I made a piece that allowed the epoxy to intersect the top surface of a platter. This required some technical considerations in the construction of the piece but it was satisfyingly successful. In 2022 I expanded on this and started making pieces where the epoxy base was fully integrated with the top surface. This worked for bowls but was stunning in platters. 'The Land of Painted Waters' represents the transition from bowls to platters. This piece showed me the magic that is created when light is diffused from the top of the piece through the darker areas under the rim.


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This item is not for sale online, only at the live Marketplace event at the Ojibway Club August 11 (5-7 pm), August 12 (10 am-4 pm).