The Cosmos

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The time of the pandemic when sales have slowed and commissions have all been completed is a time to experiment, to try out new ideas and most of all to have fun. This piece was made during the cold snowy days of January. This is what happens when black walnut sawdust from the band saw and epoxy are mixed. Pouring this interesting mixture into a mold reminded me of the sinfully delightful brownies my mother used to make.

This bowl is made up using three rings. (If you are interested you will find a mock up of how the rings work here: You may have to cut and paste this link into your browser.) In the turning, sanding and finishing process the rings completely disappeared. Consequently, this piece has characteristics similar to a ceramic bowl rather than wood and yet, by volume, it has equal amounts of black wall nut sawdust and epoxy.

I am probably not going to venture down this path again so this interesting bowl will be a curious adventure when there was time to be delighted by the question: What if…


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