The show is now closed. Thank you for your support! Check back here for the 2024 Ojibway Club Art Show.

Ojibway Club Art Show

Sylvan Echoes

Additional Information

Over about 20 years I gradually developed the art of making 'stick' bowls and vases. In the early to mid 2000's I had a number of clients who wanted these types of pieces, especially the vases. With the financial crisis at that time these orders dried up. In the mid-teens my Todgham bowls became popular. The spalted maple ones were the most sought after. I stopped making the vases.

In 2021 a client wanted a 'stick' vase. I hadn't made one in almost a decade. I decided to make 4 and give the client a choice. The three stained red pine stick vases I am offering in the Ojibway Art Show are the remaining pieces. If you would like more info on the process please visit this page on my website:–bowls.html


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