Recycled Cedar Dock Wood Charger

Additional Information

I can provide up to 36 chargers. These pieces are made from recycled old cedar docks from the Pointe au Baril area.

As many of you are aware, I name all my pieces. For this show I will name these chargers for you and put any message on the back that you wish. In other words, I will personalize these for your location or if they are to be a gift, for the person who will receive them. This applies whether you purchase one or as many as you like. If you do not wish to take advantage of this service, I will name the chargers that you purchase as I have done in the past.

Working with you to make these turnings your own is included in the price.

Note: If you want more than one charger, please do the following: add this charger to your cart then go to the next charger page and add that one to your cart and continue to do this until you have the number you would like. If there aren’t enough to meet your requirements, please contact me at Let me know how many additional chargers you would like and I will add the necessary pages so that you can complete your purchases.

While I know this may be awkward, please bear with us as every piece of artwork in this show must be accounted for and this is how it has been set up. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.


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All sales are final. Delivery of art is to be arranged between artist and purchaser. Details to be included in your Order Confirmation.