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Ojibway Club Art Show

Metamorphosis III

Additional Information

This vase was the last piece I made from a single branch where the pieces were cut and assembled in sequential order. This is probably better explained in this video from my YouTube channel: The vase in the video is the original Metamorphosis. The video is just over an hour long so you may want to fast forward through some of it. It was designed as an instructional presentation for intermediate turners who might like to try making one of these vases.

The wood in this piece is spalted maple. This is dead wood that is starting to break down. The wood rots unevenly forming black lines and very soft areas. I started using epoxies to stabilize the wood. This opened the door to the broad potential of marrying epoxy and wood in different configurations, some of which you can see in the pieces I am showing in the Marketplace at the Ojibway Club.


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