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Ojibway Club Art Show

When Night Falls and Dawn Approaches

Additional Information

This piece is one of two that I will have at The Marketplace. They are made from recycled cedar dock wood from the Pointe au Baril area. This is a bit of a secret however as the note on the bottom says “Recycled dock wood from ‘Cottage Country, Canada'”. I cottage and now sail in the Pointe au Baril area as I have done all my life. The people of the area have been very generous with their old docks and I have made many chargers and bowls over the last 40 years in working with recycled cedar dock wood.

Cottage Country has come to mean Georgian Bay, Muskoka, Haliburton, The Kawarthas and anywhere north of Toronto and Montreal that is on some kind of lake or waterway. Cedar docks on cribs were ubiquitous throughout these areas for many years.

My recycled dock wood pieces evoke memories of those long summer days at the cottage; a time when we were younger and creating the experiences that we would remember the rest of our days. It is not necessary to know where the wood comes from but that it is part of the magic and mystical ‘Cottage Country’.


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This item is not for sale online, only at the live Marketplace event at the Ojibway Club August 11 (5-7 pm), August 12 (10 am-4 pm).