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This is a 'stick vase' and I have been making them since the early 2000s. This past winter I was commissioned to make a vase similar to this one. In order to give my client a selection I made 4 pieces. Also this meant that if I ran into any problems I would have several pieces to fall back on. 'Cadence' and 'Sylvan Echoes' were two of the vases I produced at this time.

I used red pine sticks for these vases. Red pine often gets a blue stain in the wood especially after the tree has died. The stain tends to radiate in towards the center from the outside. These vases get their 'Wow' factor from the dynamic patterns in the wood and from their height. As the vase gets taller in the construction process so does the risk element. The chance of success decreases with height, hence the reason I made four pieces.

If you would like more information on how stick vases are made please use this link:


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