A Concise Guide to Voting in the U.S.A.

Additional Information

I started this bowl in October, 2020 and finished it in early November. I have never understood the voting in the U.S. and when I came to name this piece it struck me that the busyness and random markings in the apple wood from which this bowl is made described it perfectly, hence the name.

Apple wood has wonderful colours and swirls in it but it can be ornery to work. However, patience with this wood is rewarded many times over.

This is a fully functional salad bowl. It has been well sealed and finished with 5 coats of a food safe finish. Instructions for looking after your bowl can be found here: https://www.jimlorrimanwoodturner.com/looking-after-your-wood-turning.html. (You may have to cut and paste this link in your browser to access the web page.) Scroll down until you get to the section dealing with 'Spalted Maple and Oak Salad Bowls'. Although this bowl is a true salad bowl it should be cared for as if it is made from spalted maple. The reason for this is that some epoxy was used to give the wood integrity.


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