Humble Dignity

Additional Information

Medium: Drawing; Charcoal, pencil and hand-made inks on paper

This multi-media piece consists of pencil, charcoal, and unique plant based inks made by the artist. These include black walnut hull ink, geranium ink, grape vine ink and sumac ink.

The portrait is inspired by a photograph of a Native emanating dignity and humbleness at the same time.
The use of the homemade ink, and specifically the black walnut hull ink, is an important aspect for the artist. By using it, she makes a direct connection with the values of Native culture, the humble attitude towards all living that the Native way of life holds.
Living simply in self-sufficient ways and harvesting only what is needed. Nothing is taken for granted and nature is the direct primary source of material, hands on – here expressed by the artist in the ink making process.
There are about 20 edible nut species native to Canada; all have been used by Native people, black walnuts being one of them.
The native culture is one of understanding that man is a part of the world rather than above it and coexists with the environment with respect.
Understanding that we are part of everything and all is interconnected.

The portrait is an expression of admiration and aspiration of way of living in physical and spiritual realms.
It is a daily reminder to honour the wisdom of the ancestors of this very land.


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