The show is now closed. Thank you for your support! Check back here for the 2024 Ojibway Club Art Show.

Ojibway Club Art Show


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Buff White Stoneware, Layered and Hand Carved.

Mounted on a Floating Birch Panel and ready to hang.

From the land, back to the land. Clay to sculpted Stone. This clay wall hanging represents the cyclicality and connectedness of the natural world. The alteration of landscape through human interaction and natural processes. The square form is juxtaposed with organic layered circles in this altered landscape.
Earth, Wind, Water and Fire are all essential elements to the conversion of raw clay into high fired stoneware. This piece is also a reminder of the role we play as humans upon this earth. The extraction of raw materials and energy resources from the earth are represented as the ‘Holes” in this piece – an altered human landscape.


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