The show is now closed. Thank you for your support! Check back here for the 2024 Ojibway Club Art Show.

Ojibway Club Art Show

Knitted Stuffies

Additional Information

These little keepsakes are made from the wool from our very own sheep! We have four blue faced Leicester sheep, Cocoa, Minnie Jake and Millie.
We care for them all year long sheer by hand in March spin some wool and send some to mill.
Then we knit or felt with their fleece!
We run a small farm in Castleton Ontario where the goal is to be sustainable on an acre and a half!
Our sales contribute to the care of our animals! Thank you!


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This item is not for sale online, only at the live Marketplace event at the Ojibway Club August 11 (5-7 pm), August 12 (10 am-4 pm).