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Unframed and ready to hang.
This is an ongoing theme for me. I love painting the iconic windswept trees that dot the shores of Georgian Bay. Resilient and determined to resist the relentless westerly winds.
I have painted hundreds of these solo white pines, and my collection of these trees is called “Split Personalitrees”.
I title most of these paintings with names of character traits that each tree seems to be suitable for that individual tree. Some names are; Steadfast, Self Assured, Diva, and Determined.
If you would like to see an image of this painting without the room setting, please email me at:
My commercial gallery is located on the Main Street of Midland, where you can view my artwork 5 days a week. Open 11:00-4:00 Tuesday-Saturday. Would love for you to visit. Most likely you will catch me painting!


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