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Ojibway Club Art Show

Discovering Brydon Island

Additional Information

This painting is created with the use of acrylic markers which is a departure from my usual oil painting.
The markers don’t blend so multiple layers of strokes are required to create just the right hue. I love the sketchiness and crisp and fresh look of these markers. I choose to leave a lot of the canvas exposed to allow the pure colours of the acrylic markers to add contrast to the piece. I liken it to a vignette.
Brydon Island is north of Parry Sound and I went there to paint “en plein air” last summer. It was remarkably beautiful.

Please visit my gallery and studio in Midland, where you will see me painting each day.
I’m open Tuesday-Saturday, 11:00-4:00, all year long.

Cathy Boyd Fine Art Gallery
321 King St.
Midland, ON.


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