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Ojibway Club Art Show


Additional Information

This piece is part of my Georgian Bay Reflections series; a very honest expression of what it felt like for me to come home, both physically and spiritually. My family and I moved back to the Georgian Bay area (where I grew up) at the exact moment in my life when I was ready to walk away from my career as a paramedic and embrace what I feel is my true calling; being an artist. Painting the water felt safe, nostalgic and exciting all at the same time. Georgian Bay is what I know best and feel I cannot live without.

The reference photo for Dreams came from a family hike on Beausoleil Island around Goblin Lake. This very small lake is much more protected than the main body of water surrounding the island, allowing for water lilies to thrive!

This artwork is acrylic on gallery canvas with painted edges, unframed, ready to hang, and includes Certificate of Authenticity.


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